First Light for iTelescope SSO
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 at 10:06AM
Pete - Admin in Australia, Siding Spring, Telescope Hosting, iTelescope -South, remote telescopes

We finally have a roof that will roll off under power, and we could not wait to get things rolling either!

Under less than perfect skies we got to work on the configuring the telescopes already installed and had a pleasant surprise. After the careful pre-alignment process as the piers and telescope were installed during the past few weeks, the actual polar alignment was very close and target stars appeared in the fields of view the very first time!

T12 was the first system to receive adjustments to its PME mount, with only minor azimuth movements needing to be made. None in altitude! Its was stunning and we saved much time. Passing cloud became an issue sadly and we managed to get a preliminary focus configuration done before the weather set in and the roof had to be closed for safety. Christmas eve night saw several heavy summer storms pass over Siding Spring Mountain.

We did however manage to test T12 on its first 'slew to target' before we packed up. Shown here is the dramatic nebula NGC2070, The Tarantula Nebula. A fast 60 second shot through passing cloud. Its only the first of countless images that the iTelescope membership will soon be gathering under the southern skies of iTelescope Australia!


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