iTelescope Siding Spring - Phase Two Installations Complete
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 11:45AM
Pete - Admin

Three new iTelescopes have been installed into the Australian SSO observatory and are ready for our custom software and configurations after a tough week of long hours.

T8 is a 315mm RCOS with ST10 CCD. T17 a 17" Planewave CDK with its E2V equipped CCD and T31 a 20" CDK with a big chip and full house filters. Scopes should be online in the next week ready for use by iTelescope members. Other systems also had a tune up. A big thank you goes to Doug Grey from the 4m AAO telescope for his valuable assistance. Phase three will involve the installaion of the 27" Planewave and other systems later in 2013. Keep up with the latest iTelescope news via our Facebook page.

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