Mars Amongst the Clusters (Part II)
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 9:18PM
Ian Musgrave in Encounters, Globular Cluster, cluster, encounter

The track of Mars of the next few days as it passes some iconic clusters. The track is as seen from SSO at astronomical twilight. The large rectangle is the field of view of T12, the small that of T9.

The 5th and 6th sees Mars close to the magnitude 6  globular cluster M28, on the 8th it is closest to the 9th magnitue globular cluster NGC 6638 and on the 9th and 10th it is closest to the iconic magnitude 5 globular cluster M22.

The clusters and Mars are high enough from SSO to image from Astronomical twilight in the evening for around 3 hours. From Mayhill and T14 there is only a brief period around astronomical twilight where they are able to be imaged.

There will be several challenges imaging these clusters and Mars. Mars's brightness will prevent long exposures, and the waxing Moon is close by, a mere 6 degrees on the 9th, making even narrow-band imaging a challenge. However, the challenge will be worth it.

Quick and dirty image of Mars and M28 from tonight on T12 (30 seconds luminance)

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