ALERT! Bright (Magnitude 6.9) Likely Galactic Nova
Monday, September 26, 2016 at 9:49PM
Ian Musgrave in Alerts, Nova, alert, nova

Location of the bright likely galactic nova in Lupus between the pointers and Antares as seen from SSO at Siding Spring in Australia looking west at 9:30 pm local time.  Visible only from the SSO scopes for around an hour after astronomical twilight, the latest astronomical telegram on 26/09/16 08:30 UT has the probable nova between 6.9 B and 6.3V. (Click to embiggen).

The Astronomical telegrams reported a bright probable nova ASASSN-16kt not far from epsilon Lupi at
RA 15:29:01.82, DEC -44:49:40.89 (J2000.0) at magnitude 9.1. The nova has rapdily brightened and is now almost unaided eye magnitude according to the latest astronomical telegram with its reported magnitude between between 6.9 B and 6.3V.

UPDATE: Nope definitely around magnitude 6 when I did proper estimates. On the other hand a quick and dirty visual estimate I just did suggested the nova was below mag 7, but then it was pretty low to the horizon at the time amongst the murk, but other dim stars were showing up.

Magnitude chart for nova Lupi magnitude estimates showing magnitudes from 5 to 7 (in a stupid format [988] means mag 9.88, [1098] means 10.08 etc.). The large rectangle is the field of view of T12, the small that of T9. Click to embiggen

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