ALERT! Comet 29P is in Outburst (13th mag)
Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 8:53PM
Ian Musgrave in Alerts, Comet, Comet 29P, Comets, alert

Comet 29P at astronomical twilight in the morning, as seen from the SSO scopes. The comet is in Capriconius, not far from Deneb Algedi. The small rectangle is the field of view of T9. Click to embiggen.

Comet 29P is reported to be in outburst, the first bright outburst of the comet in its 2017 apparition. The outburst has been reported by JF. Soulier,  F. Kugel and R. Miles. Currently around magnitude 13 (up from around 15.7), the comet has a stellar appearance.

Observations are requested to monitor the evolution of the brightness and morphology of the current outburst (and potentially later ones).

Observations can be submitted to cometbase.

 The comet is visible in the morning in Capriconius, not far from Deneb Algedi and is best placed for the southern hemisphere scopes. From SSO the comet can be followed from around 3 am local time until astronomical twilight (5:10 am local, 19:10 UT). From the northern scopes the comet is just within telescope travel range at astronomical twilight.

The MPEC one line ephemeris is:

0029P         2019 03 07.7582  5.766822  0.043032   47.7745  312.3946    9.3683  20190318   4.0  4.0    29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann

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